Thesis Defense and Celebration

Our very own Johanna Viiri is now a grown up! Huge congratulations, it was a wonderful day!

Johanna V. defending her dissertation.
Coffee and cake for the watchers.
Photo from Viiri’s karonkka, a post-doctoral party, where we congratulated and celebrated our new doctor.

Group Meshing Time

We had some good non-work time together with just our group. Dimmed lights and a bunch of snacks are always a must.

It’s nice to just have a chat every once in a while in a cozy atmosphere.
From left to right: Johanna R. (outside the frame), Anne, Ali, Kai.

Pikkujoulut 2018

Another round of Pikkujoulut with the crew from the histology labs. After a nice, glögi-infused Wii Bowling time in our Christmas dungeon, it was time for some tasty Mexican grub at Panza!

Kai waiting for another chance in Wii Bowling.
Panza’s a pretty homey Mexican restaurant in the center of Kuopio.

Celebration Time

Whatever we happened to celebrate (I haven’t the foggiest what it was), everyone seemed to have a good time.

Pie and pie, double pie, PIE FOR EVERYONE!
Conversation lubrication.
From left to right: Kai, Szabi, Raja.

Article Acceptance Celebration

The mood was great, and why wouldn’t it be? The weather was great and the cakes were tasty.

Bundt cake and cake roll. Yummy yum yum!
Great weather and a happy occasion, what could be better?
From left to right: Szabi, Kai, johanna V.