Universitatis Lodziensis Amico

As we posted in May, our leader Kai Kaarniranta was granted the Friend of the University of Lodz award. As Kai has now physically received the award, it is only right to share a couple photos as well as the rector’s speech for the occasion! We would again like to extend our utmost gratitude for this honour. Thank you very much, and here’s to many more years of cooperation!

This photo shows the Friend of the University of Lodz award in its holder. The award is a golden square medal with rounded corners. It has an embossed text that reads "veritas et libertas universitas lodziensis" wrapped around the logo of the University of Lodz, a stylized U.
The award in all its glory.
This photo shows Professor Kai as he shows the award medal and the accompanying written declaration.
Kai with the award.

Dear Professor Kaarniranta,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

University of Lodz established the custom of awarding the “Universitatis Lodziensis Amico” medal in 2005. The medal is awarded as an honorary distinction in recognition of contribution to our university. We award it to persons who without a hesitation we can call Friends of the University of Lodz.

In appreciation of your long-standing cooperation with the scientists from our university, the University of Lodz Senate, by Resolution No. 146 of 17 May 2021 awarded You the „Universitatis Lodziensis Amico (A Friend of UL)” medal.

Together with our staff you have prepared numerous papers that have been published in prestigious journals. You have delivered lectures for our students and established close relations with our staff.