Solid Proof That We’re Doing Something Right!

Our group leader Kai has been found to be amongst the top 2% of the world’s most important scientific authors, according to this recent paper. Based on the same study, he is also within the top 0.5% of authors who publish material in the ophthalmology subfield. Last year, we reported that he is within the top 0.1% in macular degeneration expertise, but now that number is within 0.05%! Not bad, even if we say so ourselves!

ADDENDUM, March 30, 2022: On top of all the above, has found Kai to be top 15 amongst Finnish scientists in the fields of biology and biochemistry!

Kaarniranta Lab – The Eye We Know!

Massive Donation by Will to Kuopio University Hospital

A million euros has been donated by will towards the research of eye diseases at the Kuopio University Hospital. In particular, AMD research has a long, proud history there. The work has been and will be done in tandem with the researchers at the University of Eastern Finland, including our group. The donation underlines how important our research is and how it has positively affected people. We must do our best to continue benefiting the people afflicted by vision marring diseases.

Godspeed, donor, and thank you.

Team Dinner 12/2021

Yet again, we gathered for our biannual, much-anticipated team dinner, Christmas edition! We made our way to Gallá, a restaurant specializing in dishes with ingredients sourced from and inspired by Lapland. Great times.

Cheerful mood, awesome food, ingredients of a great evening. From left to right: Kai, Ali, Anne, Johanna R., Johanna V.

Pikkujoulut 2021

As per tradition, the folks from histology and ophthalmology got together to drink some glögi, eat a sweet little something, and chat a bunch in a dimly lit environment. Afterwards we headed off for a meal at Sataman Helmi (Pearl of the Harbor). This time around, we caught a pretty spiffing drive!

The ever-dutiful team of cork(y) reindeer.
Our sweet, sweet ride. Äijä Taksi = The Old Chap Cab.

Triple Celebration!

We finally got a chance to get together and celebrate our recent publications, two “fresh from the oven” -ones, and Raja’s summer piece. The new papers happened to get published on 25th and 26th of October in a veritable one-two KO punch: one by seasoned pros, while the other was Mikko’s first-ever! Here’s to our continued success, cheers!

Glazed lemon pound cake to wash down the three papers with.