Welcome to Lab & Life

Below, you will find posts about events we’ve had during the years. These include occasions like celebrations for accepted articles, thesis defenses, Christmas parties, and other nice instances of camaraderie.

The Show Never Stops

Another hefty chunk of change has been added to our coffers to keep the science going! Thank you to Sigrid Jusélius Foundation for their considerable grant to our boss, Kai.

A purple rose to celebrate our success story.

ARR, Mateys!

No no, we didn’t turn into pirates. We just got together (this time properly) to celebrate our latest publication in Ageing Research Reviews. Big hand to all involved parties!

Home-made apple cider and cake.

Multiple Reasons to Feel Proud

As we got a paper published and another one accepted, it is only right to go outside in the fresh air to celebrate and appreciate the white snow and blue skies! (Well, in spirit anyways. The photo is definitely photoshopped.)

Feeling real cool (pun intended)! From left to right: Kai, Johanna R., Ali, Anne, Szabi, Mikko, Mika.

Hey Mama, We’re Famous!

I mean, we got featured on the cover of the December 2020 edition of Oftalmolog (link to the .pdf file), a Nordic ophthalmology magazine! Huge thanks to Oftalmolog for this opportunity to spread our group’s name far and wide!

Link to Oftalmolog’s home page.
The cover page of the issue.

Pikkujoulut 2020

Despite the current times, being jolly and having fun (safely) is still an important thing. This year, we once again got together with our friends to celebrate Christmas time with some good old glögi and various tasty treats. Afterwards we had a traditional Finnish Christmas dinner Chinese food at Dragon Sheng. Good times, haha.

Christmas tree and lights at the Kuopio market square.
Evidence of past Christmas cheer.
Plenty of nifty decorations at the restaurant.

Continuation for the Sept. 20, 2019 Post…

Future perspective? From left to right: Anne, Ali, Kai, Szabi.

You can see the original photo of the above image on the cover of Education Sciences’ December 2020 issue. We published a well-received article last year on the effect of gamification in preclinical histological study environment at the University of Eastern Finland.

We’ve got the skills and the will to utilize the newest technologies at Kaarniranta Lab. We’re always looking for new methods to aid us in our research efforts. Dreaming of the future advancements in life sciences, and technology in general, keeps us going strong.