It Is That Time of the Year Again…

Pikkujoulu time, that is! Together with the merry folk from the histology side, we once again gathered to spend a nice afternoon/evening together. Hot glögi (glogg/mulled wine), snacks and sweets, plus plenty of pizza helped keep us charged throughout the intermingling. Pikkujoulu time also means that we get to enjoy the time of the year when the wintry scenes get decorated in various lights and people are feeling the holiday spirit!

This photo shows a laboratory table covered with a white cloth, on which are strewn dozens of Christmassy wine and champagne cork reindeer and mice. At the end of the table, there is a lit red miniature Christmas tree.
The traditional wine and champagne cork Christmas decorations of our joint pikkujoulut get to see the light of the (miniature) Christmas tree again!
In this photo is shown the snowy Kuopio market square adorned with tall flowerlike lighting fixtures. In the background can slightly be seen the blue lights covering the Christmas market.
The Christmas market has been adorned with copious lights and a flower field like display.