Pikkujoulut 2019

We had a good time, first at our little hidey-hole Christmas dungeon along with the crew from the histology side at UEF, and then at the Panza restaurant.

A photo of Panza’s unique decorations.

Checking Out the Future

We’re always willing to try out new things and tread on unpaven paths. Today we had a chance to try out holographic 3D learning tools, they were cool! Imagining their use in work and education made our minds go abuzz. Ali may or may not have shot off to another dimension, judging by his photo.

Testing out the equipment. Anne on the left, Ali on the right.

Kai Appointed as President of EVER 2019-2020

During the 2019 EVER meeting at Nice, Kai was appointed as the President of EVER (The European Association for Vision and Eye Research) for the 2019-2020 period. He and others of our group also presented multiple papers of ours. Great work and congratulations!

Pizza Time

It’s always pizza time, especially at 7 PM after a long day at work!

Time to replenish our energy storages.
From left to right: Johanna V., Anne, Johanna R., Ali.

Researchers’ Night 2019

We love science and just generally having our minds blown, and we also love to communicate the wondrous sophistication and fragility of the human body. We helped explore an awesome collection consisting of human bodies, individual organs, and tissue slice samples at the Matkus Shopping Center, Kuopio, during the Researchers’ Night which was held simultaneously in around 300 cities across Europe on the last Friday of September.

Posing with our poster, can’t wait! Ali on the left, Szabi on the right.

Citygolf at Bellanranta

There can never be too much minigolf! It was very blustery, which was amusing at times.

Nice enough weather, albeit windy. Really beautiful locale.
Figuring out the rules.
From left to right: Anne, Szabi, Ali. Mikko behind the camera.