Another Day, Another Article Accepted

We got together to celebrate the sweet, sweet fruits of yet another big team effort. It was a nice chance to lubricate our stiffened jaws with some much-needed face-to-face communication.

Good times around the meeting table.
From left to right: Szabi, Kai, Johanna R., Anne, Ali, Mika.

Docentship Nomination

Our very own Szabi got nominated to be a docent! The group got together on a beautiful early autumn evening and lots of fun was had. Congratulations, once again!

Deciding what to eat at Kuopion Saana.
From left to right: Johanna R., Kai, Szabi, Toni (obscured), Raja, Ali.
Photo of the beautiful view outside later in the evening.
One last group photo before it’s time to head home!
From left to right: Szabi, Toni, Raja, Ali, Johanna V., Mikko, Anne, Mika, Johanna R. Kai.

Celebrating Renewed Funding

For the third (!) time in a row, a huge funding was received! Everyone had a good time at the cookout, great company, great food.

Sending our regards to those that couldn’t make it.
From left to right: Mikko, Johanna R., Kai, Johanna V., Mika, Ali. The organizer, Szabi, is behind the camera.

Welcome to Lab & Life

Below, you will find posts about events we’ve had during the years. These include occasions like celebrations for accepted articles, thesis defenses, Christmas parties, and other nice instances of camaraderie.

Pikkujoulut 2019

We had a good time, first at our little hidey-hole Christmas dungeon along with the crew from the histology side at UEF, and then at the Panza restaurant.

A photo of Panza’s unique decorations.

Checking Out the Future

We’re always willing to try out new things and tread on unpaven paths. Today we had a chance to try out holographic 3D learning tools, they were cool! Imagining their use in work and education made our minds go abuzz. Ali may or may not have shot off to another dimension, judging by his photo.

Testing out the equipment. Anne on the left, Ali on the right.

Kai Appointed as President of EVER 2019-2020

During the 2019 EVER meeting at Nice, Kai was appointed as the President of EVER (The European Association for Vision and Eye Research) for the 2019-2020 period. He and others of our group also presented multiple papers of ours. Great work and congratulations!