Celebrating 50 Years of Biomedicine and -chemistry Education at Kuopio

The Institute of Biochemistry, now part of the Institute of Biomedicine, celebrated their 50th anniversary. Excellent speeches were given by the alumni and associates of the University of Eastern Finland Kuopio campus, back then the Kuopio University, depicting their lives and experiences. The hours flew by with much laughter and sighs of wonder from the impressive recountings.

One of the presentations was given by our leader, Kai Kaarniranta. The inspiring story of his life left nobody cold: the humble beginnings at rural Savonlinna, the importance of family, how he obtained his multidisciplinary educational background, him becoming the youngest-ever ophthalmology professor at the University of Eastern Finland, and eventually the first Finn to become the chief editor of Acta Ophthalmologica.

The entirety of our team congratulates the Institute of Biochemistry, now Biomedicine, for its impressive history and achievements, and we hope that the next 50 years will see many new success stories as well!

This image shows the 50 year anniversary program for the celebration, as well as Kai behind the lectern, giving a speech.
The anniversary program and a photo of Kai giving his speech.