Triple Celebration!

We finally got a chance to get together and celebrate our recent publications, two “fresh from the oven” -ones, and Raja’s summer piece. The new papers happened to get published on 25th and 26th of October in a veritable one-two KO punch: one by seasoned pros, while the other was Mikko’s first-ever! Here’s to our continued success, cheers!

Glazed lemon pound cake to wash down the three papers with.


Two new web pages have been created to expand our team’s possibilities: a LinkedIn page and a YouTube channel. Their contents are still scant, but they’ll get more and more refined and fleshed out as time goes on. Show them some love!

New Article Published

Raja and co. have successfully gotten a new article released! It is now available in MDPI’s Biology, a top-rated peer-reviewed journal. Congratulations!


Team Dinner Summer 2021

Ooh, fancy! We went fine dining this time around. Interesting, beautifully plated dishes and good company. What’s not to like?

Getting ready for the chow. From left to right: Johanna R. Ali, Kai, Anne.

The Show Never Stops

Another hefty chunk of change has been added to our coffers to keep the science going! Thank you to Sigrid Jusélius Foundation for their considerable grant to our boss, Kai.

A purple rose to celebrate our success story.

ARR, Mateys!

No no, we didn’t turn into pirates. We just got together (this time properly) to celebrate our latest publication in Ageing Research Reviews. Big hand to all involved parties!

Home-made apple cider and cake.